Groningen City Running

Groningen City Running Tours will start again:

 Coronavirus COVID 19 

The Cabinet has recently further eased the measures to combat the coronavirus. Nowadays, anyone over the age of 18 can also go out and exercise again, but at a distance of 1.5 meters. As a result, we want and may also start running tours again. In order to do this in a safe, responsible and in accordance with the currently applicable rules and regulations, we follow the guidelines of the NOCNSF. For guidelines, see: To participate in a running tour, the following rules are therefore applied:  

o Participants declare no physical complaints (such as cough, sore throat, fever, etc.) before starting a tour.

 o The running tour guides and the participants also observe the 1.5 meter rule. o The timing, locations and routes of the running tours are chosen so that crowds and crowds are avoided as much as possible. As a result, some other locations in the tour will not be visited. 

o Up to 2 participants can participate per tour.

 o Payments only by bank transfer. o The measures can be adapted, if required.

 o The guide will make every effort to provide the participants with a safe, sporting and unforgettable experience despite the Corona crisis.

Groningen City Running, or walking if you like.

Discover the city of Groningen on a city tour, running or walking

A running/walking tour in Groningen is a great way to explore the city. Our guide will take you along to known and unknown places of the city. Listen to anecdotes and learn about Groningen's history.

Join us and be surprised by the beauty of the city. Don’t worry about the pace. We will choose a slow pace and there are opportunity’s to take pictures. Suitable for beginners and advanced runners.

So enjoy the beauty of Groningen while burning off a few calories!

We offer the following tours:

Can be booked as a general tour or as a WWII tour

- City Tour 

- City Tour +

- City Tour ++

- Custom Made City Tour

- City Tour Walking

- WO II Tour

City Tour

In this 7 kilometer long City Tour the guide takes you along the most beautiful sights, known and  unknown places in the center of Groningen. From the Martinitoren to the  main station, and from the Academy building to the Pepergasthof.

City Tour +

 This 13 km long City Tour Extra is the same as the above tour, but the guide will also take you through the Noorderplantsoen. The park is located where the defensive walls of the city were built in the 17th century and was opened in 1880. The canals have been replaced by four ponds and the place where the walls were now houses an English-style park with differences in height. The Noorderplantsoen was designated in its entirety in 1971 as a national monument. The pavilion and the music dome are also protected as national monuments.

City Tour ++ 

This 16 kilometer long City Tour is equal to the above tour, but the guide will also take you to the Europapark where the Euroborg stadium is located, the home of FC Groningen. You are also taken to the Helper line, an old line of defense, of which recent remains have been uncovered. Here is also the DUO building, AKA "the cruise ship". This 94 meters high building where the Education Executive Agency and the tax authorities are located. You also go to the Dr. S. van Mesdag Clinic, the forensic psychiatric center. Next the tour takes us  along an old atomic bunker that has served as the Air Watch Center and in recent years serves as a sleeping place for bats. After this it goes via the Hereweg on the Hondsrug  towards the city center, where the above City Tour continues.

Custom made City Tour

In a custom made City Tour you determine what you want to see from the city, for example: the parks, architecture (Amsterdam school), city breweries,  etc. etc. The length of the tour can also be determined in consultation. It is also possible to book a 25 kilometer Tour, this is great possibility to see a large part of Groningen. Including: Zernike Campus , Reitdiephaven, Gasunie building and more. This is setup as an preparation for a marathon or for everyone who likes to participate in an endurance run.

City Tour Walking

This 7 kilometer long City Tour takes the guide along the most beautiful sights, known and  unknown places in the center of Groningen. From the Martinitoren to the main station, and from the Academy building to the Pepergasthof.

The Groningen City Running tours start preferably on Friday, saturday or Sunday morning at 09:30, other days and times in consultation. 

With the environment in mind no water bottles are given away. 

To stay  hydrated you take a water bottle with you.

The bottle can be replenished at various places along the way. There are water taps in various places in Groningen.

WO II Tour

WW II Tour In honor of 75 years of freedom, a new tour. 

Discover the city of Groningen during the 2nd World War. Instead of all general tours, you can also opt for a Groningen in the second world war tour. The guide takes you back in time (hard) for 80 years. During this tour you will pass places where there was heavy fighting to liberate the city of Groningen. The guide takes you through places where important and decisive events have been, you will hear the special stories, about the persecution of the Jews and the resistance. You will also encounter visible memories in various places.

Book now! 

Start and finish, at DOT Groningen. DOT is a multifunctional, creative (meeting) place in Groningen, located in the pleasant Ebbingekwartier. Address: Vrydemalaan 2, 9713 WS Groningen.

 In consultation, a different start and finish can also be chosen. Hotel guests can also be picked up from their hotel and start and finish there, if the hotel is in the center or not too far outside. 

Start location

Paid Parking at the car park with entrances at the Boterdiep 45 and 85, and at the Bloemsingel 10. 

Free parking on Sunday at 12:00 at the Boterdiep. On the Bedummerweg it is free parking for the entire Sunday. 

More information about parking in Groningen at

Terms and Conditions   

Before booking, read the general terms and conditions. 

Participants who have booked will assume that they have taken note of the general terms and conditions and agree to this. If there are points where a participant for whatever reason can not agree, then he / she can not participate in the tour. 

Reservation and payment to participate in a Tour of Groningen City Running, participants must book a Tour. This can be done by sending an email to, or by filling in the booking form here above at 

Groningen City Running will reply to every booking as soon as possible. When a tour is available, a provisional reservation will take place and the participant will mail a confirmation. The provisional reservation is valid for 48 hours and will only be confirmed once the entire payment for the tour has been received. Groningen City Running sends a separate email with the payment instructions for the tour. The invoice includes the costs for the tour plus any additional items. Participants must pay the entire invoice prior to the tour and within 48 hours of reservation and at least 24 hours before the start of the Tour, after payment a confirmation email will be sent. It is not possible to pay with cash. Groningen City Running will send a booking confirmation by email within 48 hours of receipt of payment. The booking confirmation contains the booked tour (and any extra items), the date, collection time, collection location, expected end time and location, Groningen City Running contact information and what to bring along during the tour. This e-mail printed out or demonstrable on a smartphone must be shown to the guide before the start of the Tour. Check our cancellation and refund conditions when a change must occur in the booking. The prices / amounts on our website and promotional material are correct at the time of publication. However, we reserve the right to change our prices / amounts at any time. Groningen City Running reserves the right not to accept or complete a booking request at all times and all booking requests are subject to availability.

Minors aged between 13 and 17 may participate in the tours if necessary, as long as they are accompanied by an adult at all times. To be able to take part, every participant under the age of 18 must have a written permission from the Groningen City Running. It is up to Groningen City Running to determine whether a minor is suitable to participate in the tour and any decision taken by Groningen City Running must be respected and complied with. 

Cancellations and refunds 

Groningen City Running can not grant a refund if less than 48 hours in advance is canceled by the participant (s). If possible, the Groningen City Running offers an alternative date or time instead of the original booked tour. Please note that for re-booking within 48 hours before departure of the tour, Groningen City Running calculates an extra 50% on top of the originally paid ticket price. 

 Groningen City Running will in no case grant refunds to participants who do not show up or who arrive to late. All tours always depart at the agreed time. Groningen City Running reserves the right to cancel a tour for any reason whatsoever. In the unlikely event that the Groningen City Running cancels a tour, the participants will be informed via their email address and an attempt will be made to inform participants via their mobile phone number. In such a case, a full refund will be granted through the original payment method. Think of bad weather like thunderstorms or slippery roads, or in case of illness / injury of the guide, this always at the discretion of Groningen City Running. Responsibility and health of the participant The starting points of the tour are in public places in the city of Groningen and therefore Groningen City Running has no storage facilities for things and valuables. Participants are advised to bring only essential items and are responsible for all items that they bring to the tours. It is possible to give a single small item to the guide, but participants do so at their own risk in terms of loss, theft, damage. Groningen City Running is not responsible for any loss, theft or damage caused by an item from a participant. Neither before, during or after the tour in question.

Participants are responsible for their own safety during the Groningen City Running Tour and they are expected to participate seriously in the tour at all times. The guide will ensure that safe routes and intersections are followed at all times. Groningen City Running is not responsible for injury, accident or death of the participant, which happened to the participant during and after a tour. Follow instructions Instructions from police, guides and employees must be followed immediately and promptly. You should also follow the indicated approach route. Traffic rules The Road Traffic Act and the Traffic Regulations and Traffic Signs Regulations remain in full force during the course. Participants are responsible for the right running and / or sports clothing, including the right running shoes that are suitable for the tour. Participants are advised to check the weather forecast prior to the tour to arrive dressed according to the weather / climate. Participants are also advised to take care of their own water and / or sports drink during the tour, this in their own carrying system. Groningen City Running will try to ensure that this can be refilled at the local catering industry after the tour. Via public water tapping points in the city center there is also a possibility to top up again, except in the winter months. Participants recognize that participating in a running tour of Groningen City Running is physically strenuous. Groningen City Running assumes that participants who book a tour are physically capable of this. Should a participant, according to the guide of Groningen City Running, not be able to complete a tour successfully, then the guide of Groningen City Running is authorized to ban the participant before the start of the tour or half way, to ban the tour longer. to follow and return it. This in the interest of the health of the participant, as well as ensuring good progress for the other participants.

Participants accept, by participating in a Groningen City Running tour, that there is a possibility of injury and / or injury, both minor and major injury and even possibly. dead, and that they participate at their own risk. Groningen City Running is not responsible for any injury, injury, accident or even death, which happened before, during and / or after a tour. Participants agree to these conditions by signing the booking e-mail and selecting the checkbox when I accept the general terms and conditions. Tour Photos Groningen City Running can take photos of participants and the route during a tour. After the tour these photos will be digitally shared via social media and possibly. used for the website. Participants consent to Groningen City Running that all photos taken from them during the tour may be used (in part or in whole) for the website or social media. Participants who do not want their photos to be used in the above situations must indicate this before the start of the tour. During the tour, there will be enough stops for the participants, so that they can take pictures with their own mobile phone or compact camera. Behavior of the participant Groningen City Running reserves the right at all times to refuse a participant access to the tour, when Groningen City Running is of the opinion that the behavior of a participant endangers the safety of himself or other participants